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Benedetto Proietti Joins the Cesium Team as Principal Software Engineer

We’re very happy to welcome Benedetto Proietti to Cesium. Benedetto will be working on the next generation of our 3D tiling pipelines, which will be optimized for high-resolution real-world 3D content and rich semantic metadata, as well as improving overall performance and stability. This will be a major step in increasing the adoption and availability of 3D tilesets built on 3D Tiles 1.1.

Benedetto Proietti

Benedetto has a very strong background in low level programming, architecture, and optimizations. He has been programming for decades and attended the Borland Developers Conference in Monterey Bay, CA in 1992 at the age of 17. Benedetto graduated from University of Rome “La Sapienza” in Mathematics, and his thesis was on porting the GCC compiler for the APEmille SIMD supercomputer that allowed contributors to write code in C instead of Assembly. 

Benedetto then spent six years at Microsoft working on the C++ compiler and later worked as a principal software engineer at Expedia, where he worked on massive transactional systems, as well as on big data analytics. More recently, he worked on the MemFusion, an in-memory database and aggregation engine that is compatible with MongoDB.

Benedetto’s experience with optimizing low level features and working with large amounts of data make us really excited about his upcoming contributions to the next generation of tiling pipelines.

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