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Improved Security with the Cesium ion Tokens API

As part of our continuous effort to make Cesium ion more adaptable and API friendly, we are introducing a new set of Cesium ion REST API endpoints for managing access tokens and the ability to restrict access tokens to selected URLs.

New Tokens API

Previously, tokens could be managed only through the web user interface, but a lot of users have requested the ability to access and manage their access tokens through APIs. The flexibility of the new APIs make the integration with your custom applications much easier and more secure. For example, the new Tokens API can be used for:

  • Automatic token rotation to enable security best practices,
  • Supporting large number of end users in one or more applications using only one ion account,
  • Enabling third party applications to manage tokens

These improvements will simplify access and administration of tokens. For example, previously to adhere to security best practices you may have had to manually swap the ion token in your application, but now with new token endpoints you can swap your old ion token with a new one programmatically.

Read the updated REST API documentation to learn more, including how to create a new token, modify an existing token, or get the default token.

URL Access Restrictions

We've also added the ability to restrict access tokens to specific URLs. This adds an extra layer of security that prevents an access token from being used outside of the application for which it was created. You can learn more about this feature, and tokens in general, in our new Access Tokens documentation and best practices guide.

Sign up and try out the new access tokens API today using your Cesium ion account.