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Cesium Release Roundup April 2021

CesiumJS Roadmap

This month Patrick Cozzi shared a look at what's up next for CesiumJS. We have big plans in the coming year. Comment on the community forum to share your thoughts on what you'd like to see next.

CesiumJS 1.80 Release

CesiumJS 1.80 is now available. Highlights of the release include:

  • Added support for drawing ground primitives on translucent 3D Tiles.

See the changelog for a full list of updates and links to the discussion & code on each one. You can also subscribe to the CesiumJS release thread on our community forum to get notifications about our monthly releases.

sphere and polygon showing translucency in CesiumJS

Powered by Cesium

This month the International Atomic Energy Agency migrated their Marine Radioactivity Information System from a 2D web map to Cesium. Researchers around the world use the Cesium portal to find radiation data collected for the last 60 years on man-made and naturally occurring radionuclides in the world’s oceans.

Seawater data in the Pacific ocean from IAEA's MARIS application for tracking radionuclides

Each point on this globe represents a seawater sample along with depth, date, type of radionuclide, and other searchable data.