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Convert CDB to 3D Tiles with Cesium

At Cesium, we’re working every day to advance 3D geospatial technology by expanding the ecosystem around 3D Tiles, the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Community Standard we created to stream massive heterogeneous 3D datasets. Today, we’re pleased to announce that you can now convert OGC CDB datasets to 3D Tiles with the CDB to 3D Tiles pipeline.

Commonly used within the US government for 3D synthetic environment modeling and simulation, CDB defines a standardized model and structure for a single, “versionable,” virtual representation of the earth for storage, updating and archiving. CDB datasets can store the natural environment as well as man-made structures and their attributes and relationships.

By converting CDB to 3D Tiles, the data can be efficiently streamed across all platforms that support 3D Tiles including ATAK and the forthcoming Cesium for Unreal, as well as across devices, online and offline, while preserving the precision and detail of the original CDB. The pipeline preserves feature attributes, enabling runtime querying, styling, and analytics to gain deeper insights into the data. All versions of CDB are supported.

To learn more about on-premises solutions for federal and defense, drop me a line.

View of downtown San Diego with terrain, imagery, clamped building models, instanced trees, and Coronado Bridge in the distance, loaded as 3D Tiles in CesiumJS. See the live demo.