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Share Massive Models from Blender with the new Cesium ion Add-on

Today we launched a new Blender add-on that makes it easier to publish and stream 3D models on the web via Cesium ion.

Cesium ion tiles and serves the uploaded content as 3D Tiles, so even multi-gigabyte models can be streamed to any device without having to download the entire model up front. These 3D Tilesets can be viewed in clients like CesiumJS, where users can fuse their models with other datasets, add geospatial context to place them at real world locations, or overlay additional details and analysis.

Kokura Castle (1) loaded into Blender, (2) published to Cesium ion, and (3) fused with Cesium World Terrain and imagery in CesiumJS.

The add-on uses the official Khronos glTF Blender exporter to convert the model to glTF before uploading to ion for tiling. A Khronos standard co-created by the Cesium team, glTF provides robust interoperability without sacrificing fidelity or visual quality.

Start publishing your Blender models today by checking out our new Blender add-on tutorial.