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SIGGRAPH 2018 Autonomous Driving Simulation and Visualization BOF

You won’t want to miss the first ever Autonomous Driving Simulation and Visualization BOF at SIGGRAPH next month. The BOF, which we’re co-organizing with Toyota Research Institute, will be held August 14, 3pm–4:30pm, in the East Building, Room 10, Vancouver Convention Centre

Speakers will include:

  • Patrick Cozzi, Cesium
  • Vangelis Kokkevis, Toyota Research Institute
  • Hugh Reynolds, Uber
  • Yongjoon Lee, Zoox
  • Felipe Codevilla, CARLA
  • Jose De Oliveira, Unity
  • Magnus Wrenninge, 7dlabs
  • Peter Fryscak, Steve Rotenberg, VectorZero

This will be the best place to learn how computer graphics and simulation techniques improve autonomous vehicle testing. The session is open to all SIGGRAPH attendees. We hope to see you there!