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Cesium is excited to be an exhibtor at TU-Automotive next week, where leaders in the autonomous and connected car industry will meet to discuss future automotive technology. Tim Rivenbark and Sean Lilley will be there to show how Cesium’s high-precision rendering and time-dynamic abilities, combined with the ability to stream massive datasets with 3D Tiles, can improve autonomous driving simulation and visualization.

Because Cesium is uniquely focused on visualization and offers high interoperability—with a flexible API, open-source runtime, and GPU-accelerated analytics—Cesium easily fits into the software tools of autonomous car developers. With Cesium, you can

  • Playback autonomous vehicle logs
  • Stream real-time vehicle data, both to an operations center and in-dash
  • Simulate various conditions, e.g., traffic, lighting, weather, sensors, using the collected data
  • Plugin your own path planning and classification algorithms
  • Create in-dash infotainment

The conference is June 6–7 outside Detroit. If you are interested in learning more about autonomous car simulation and visualization with Cesium, contact us to meet up.

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