STK Components and Cesium Road Show


AGI, the company that founded Cesium, will be hosting info sessions and hand-on training across the United States as part of a “Aerospace & GEOINT Web Applications Seminar and Workshop.” The workshops will demonstrate STK Components, a development kit that conducts aerospace and defense-related analysis, which can then be visualized in Cesium. STK Components can be used for a variety of applications, such as propagating moving vehicles, determining visibility between moving/stationary objects, modeling sensor geometries, and calculating parameters such as the quality of a GPS navigational solution, communication link budget, etc. AGI’s Cesium experts in aerospace and defense will be there.

Workshop attendees will learn

  • What Cesium and the STK Component development libraries are all about.
  • How to easily add 3D content to analytical web services built with STK Components
  • How to create world-class aerospace and GEOINT solutions for private and public clouds.

The workshops are free, and breakfast and lunch will be provided. Register for a workshop near you:

  • 9/12 Springfield, VA
  • 9/13 Chantilly, VA
  • 9/28 Los Angeles, CA
  • 10/3 Denver, CO

Road show map

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