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Duke Summit on Humanities, GIS, and the Web

Duke University is holding a summit on Humanities, GIS, and the Web March 30–31. The summit, organized by Ed Triplett, will explore digital humanities questions such as, What is the difference between a 3D environment and a 3D Map? How can adding a 3rd dimension help us tell stories about history? How different is a “spatial narrative” project from a “GIS Analysis” project? Is knowledge being produced by the technique, or just illustrated? Is it possible that a 3D system like Cesium might be more intuitive for users despite its increased complexity?

Todd Smith will be speaking there about “Cesium, Open Formats, and the Future of Streaming 3D Geospatial over the Web.” He’ll also hold a question-and-answer session about Cesium. We’re excited to be part of this project and the ever-expanding use of Cesium!