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End Point Liquid Galaxy: An Immersive Panoramic Platform in a 3D Interactive Environment

End Point displays Cesium on Liquid Galaxy. Originally created at Google, the Liquid Galaxy is a multi-screen, immersive, panoramic presentation platform that allows viewers to literally be surrounded by and immersed in data visualizations. The Liquid Galaxy platform allows the ability to adjust the viewing angle on each screen to match the physical offset, without any distortion issues. It is used around the world in corporate offices, museums, commercial enterprises, and at tradeshows and other events. Liquid Galaxy is used in industries as diverse as real estate, hospitality, travel, research, and education. Until we integrated with Cesium, Liquid Galaxy had run entirely on Google Earth.

End Point’s Liquid Galaxy development team continuously works on new functionality and visualization apps, and Cesium has proven to have many advantages. Cesium is open source, which means it’s flexible, stable, and quick. It can accept an array of points, 3D models, and even KML. The JavaScript then chews these up and delivers a nice, consistent 3D environment that we can fly through with the SpaceNav controller, set scenes in a presentation to tell a story, or mix together with video or graphic popups for a fully immersive multimedia experience. End Point puts visualizations together in ‘scenes’ that are strung together to make a presentation. This way, viewers can navigate via the touchscreen and be walked through a story: see a supply chain from factory to distribution center to store to customer; see environmental data for a region at each level of the biosphere; walk through the demographic data of the 20th century broken down by decade.