3D Mapping at TEDxPenn


Our very own Rachel Hwang will be speaking about geospatial data advancements at TEDxPenn. This independently organized, annual TED conference has about 1,000 attendees. This year’s theme is Rise and Run, and Rachel will discuss generating and using 3D maps of our world. Thanks to the ever-growing resource of 3D geospatial data, we now have the 3D data needed to create a truly virtual world. The challenge is how to efficiently deliver this heterogeneous data over the web to end users so they can, for example, explore a vacation spot in 3D, see a traffic map of the satellites in space, understand coastal erosion, or see how construction plans impact their neighborhood.

Registration is open now, so get your tickets to hear Rachel in person on April 1 at the Annenberg Centre for the performing arts.

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