Collaboration with University of Pennsylvania


We are happy to have two students from the University of Pennsylvania contributing to Cesium this fall. Tiff Lu and Adam Cole are both in Dr. Chris Murphy’s Open-Source Software Development course, CIS 399. In the course students learn about open source software development while simultaneously working on an existing open source project: in this case, Cesium. As their industry mentor, I give them guidance and feedback on their work with Cesium, while their professor Chris Murphy meets with them weekly to review their progress and discuss readings on open source software development.

Students have to apply in order to be admitted to the course, and we feel lucky to have Adam and Tiff working with us. Adam comes with experience in software and web development. Tiff brings an interdisciplinary design and development background with interests in integrative design.

This semester Tiff and Adam are working on Cesium Language (CZML) examples to make it easier for members of the Cesium community to get started with CZML and Cesium.

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