Google Summer of Code 2015


We are pleased to announce that the Cesium Community will mentor four Google Summer of Code projects. These projects will contribute to core Cesium as well as the ecosystem of examples and demos. Congratulations to the students and mentors! We look forward to your contributions.

The projects are:

NASA’s Data Curtains from Space

Student: Abhishek Potnis, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Mentors: Mike McGann and Ryan Boller, NASA

Abhishek will use Cesium to visualize imagery “curtains” from NASA’s CloudSat and CALIPSO spacecrafts.

Shapefile and GPX support

Student: André Nunes, Técnico Lisboa

Mentor: Matt Amato, AGI

André contributed to Cesium’s KML implementation for GSoC 2013. He is returning this summer to add support for shapefiles and GPX files.

Vector Data Visualization with Geography Markup Language

Student: Ayush Khandelwal, International Institute of Information Technology

Mentor: Kevin Ring, NICTA

Ayush will add support for the GML Simple Feature Profile (SFP) to Cesium. Ayush brings a background in GML compression. Check out his Cesium GMLz loader demo.

Refactor Cesium Sandcastle

Student: Aditya Raisinghani, Birla Institute of Technology & Science Pilan

Mentor: Mike LP, AGI

Aditya will reorganize and redesign Sandcastle to make learning Cesium and finding code examples even easier. Check out his demo of some the wonders of the world.


Thanks to all the students who submitted proposals. We received proposals from many outstanding students and had a tough time selecting them. Thanks for the overwhelming interest and good luck to everyone this summer!

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