New plugin using CartoDB maps in Cesium


This is a guest post by Andrew Hill, Chief Science Officer at CartoDB. - Patrick

Putting beautiful and dynamic maps onto a 3D globe has never been easier. Using a little JavaScript, you can now put your favorite CartoDB visualization on a 3D globe. The awesome open source JavaScript API Cesium, authored by AGI, renders 3D maps in the browser using WebGL.

To help you leverage the power of Cesium combined with CartoDB, we have release a CartoDB plugin for Cesium. By combining CartoDB.js’s Core API functionality with Cesium, you can now make a map like this with your CartoDB data. Want to see more? Explore our little gallery of demos.

Now the sky is the limit!

Cesium + CartoDB

Do you recognize that basemap? Yep, it’s our wonderful Positron basemap but on a globe!

Do you love open source software? We do!

Happy Mapping!

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