Cesium at FOSS4G 2014


Josh Poley and I will be at the FOSS4G conference next week to talk about Cesium as part of the ecosystem of open-source geospatial software. AGI was awesome to sponsor the conference so we have a booth in the Exhibition Hall with Cesium demos and new Cesium giveaways!

Here's the full Cesium-related schedule:

  • Tuesday, September 9. 2:45-3:15 PM: I'm giving a talk, "Creating 3D web maps with Cesium", at the co-located JS.Geo conference. This will focus on live coding in Sandcastle.
  • i>Thursday, September 11. 4-5 PM: We're organizing the WebGL Geospatial BOF to discuss all things WebGL-related relevant to the geospatial community.</li>
  • Friday, September 12. 2-2:25 PM: I'm giving a talk, "What's new in Cesium: the open-source alternative for 3D maps", to present what is new in Cesium since FOSS4G NA 2013 and why Cesium is a great alternative to closed-source globes.

Wednesday through Friday, we will show Cesium at the AGI booth in the Exhibition Hall. Stop by and say hi or email me (pjcozzi@siggraph.org) to set up a specific time to talk about your Cesium-related work.

Slides and videos for our talks will be posted after the conference. See you in Portland!


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