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Welcome, Google Summer of Code Students!

As previously mentioned, Cesium joins 177 open source projects in participating in Google Summer of Code this year. Since this is our first year in the program, we weren’t sure what to expect, but we were excited to receive many excellent proposals from over 40 students around the world, making it very difficult to narrow down to the two project slots that we were allocated. We are pleased to welcome the two students that will be joining us this summer:

  • André Nunes is a student at Instituto Superior Técnico in Portugal. With Matthew Amato as mentor, André will be adding client-side support for the KML standard to Cesium, allowing users to easily visualize the many geographic feature data sets which are widely available in KML files without an up-front conversion process to CZML.
  • Ravi Agrawal is a student at Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur in India. With Ed Mackey as mentor, Ravi will be adding a Navigation Widget to Cesium, providing on-screen camera controls to give users another way to interact with the globe in addition to our current click-and-drag mouse controls.

Both André and Ravi have already contributed code to Cesium. As with all Cesium development, these projects will be designed and discussed over the next few months on the mailing list, and built and reviewed on GitHub, so we encourage everyone to join the conversation there. We look forward to this opportunity to help André and Ravi get experience, further grow the Cesium community, and make Cesium even better.