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Mark Dane



Mark is Cesium's resident user experience expert. He designs the workflows and user interfaces within Cesium ion and our custom applications, and works to create a simple and elegant experience for our users.

Mark is passionate about designing for small touch screens and mobile devices. He’s designed an Android app, two open source web components, Backstack and WebApp-menu, and he holds a US patent that resulted from his mobile experience work at Bentley Systems.

Mark has worked both as a software engineer and UX/UI designer. He is Nielsen Norman Group UX Certified. He earned a Masters in Computer Science from Drexel University, and a BS in Computer Science from The College of New Jersey.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys hiking and biking around Philadelphia, hanging out with his wife and three cats, and all things sci-fi and space. You can find more of his digital creations on his website.

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Mark Dane, Cesium. Mark Dane pretends his arm is being bitten by a model of a dinosaur.