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Jillian Long


Business Development

As a technical sales manager, Jill connects with existing and potential clients to grow the Cesium community.

Jill has had a winding journey that brought her to the world of geospatial technology. Jill has always been fascinated by how people relate to place, which led her to majoring in Geography and Urban Studies during her undergraduate years at Temple University. Post-graduation, Jill traveled the world, taught ESL, and worked in the service industry before returning to Temple, where she earned an MIS in GIS.

Jill spent time as a GIS Analyst with both the City of Philadelphia and Philadelphia City Council before pivoting to geospatial software. Jill’s path took another turn at Azavea, where she worked in her first business development role. Since then, she’s managed the business development process from start to finish at geospatial software companies Azavea and Element 84 where she focused on building relationships with clients, writing proposals, and setting up project teams. Jill’s deep appreciation for geography and eagerness to connect at the human level continues to be a guiding force for her, as she seeks to help clients understand the broader impact and possibilities 3D geospatial insights can unlock.

In her free time, Jill enjoys spending time with her family and friends, running, weekend adventures, and mixing up a tasty cocktail.

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Jill LongJill Long