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Stefano Carazza

Head, Roblox Studio

Formerly a Stanford Researcher, Stef is the founder (and former CTO/CEO)
of Mixamo, the first 3D character animation service which was acquired
by Adobe in 2015. Under his tenure at Adobe the 3D organization grew to
over 200 people and completed the acquisition of Allegorithmic where he
served as board member. Stef has been investing and advising companies
in the 3D/Immersive space such as Matterport, ReadyPlayerMe, Artomatix,
Rokoko. On the creative side Stef has built various 3D experiences for
festivals and museums and is the founder of the Festival of the
Impossible, an immersive media exhibition based in San Francisco.
Currently Stef is the Head of Roblox Studio, the tool used by millions
of creators every month to bring content to Roblox.

Stefano Carazza - Guest on Building the Open Metaverse