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Anton Kaplanyan

VP, Graphics Research, Intel AXG

Anton Kaplanyan leads graphics research for new discrete GPUs at Intel. His current research interests are in physically based path tracing, neural graphics, scalable and distributed rendering, and differentiable rendering. Prior to joining Intel, Anton worked on perceptual and neural methods for AR/VR at Meta Reality Labs Research, on RTX ray tracing hardware and real-time denoising at Nvidia Research. Anton's PhD in physically based light transport from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology led to a startup in physically consistent light editing for artistic control used at Pixar. Prior to his PhD, Anton had been a game developer at Crytek, working on on real-time rendering for CryENGINE 3 and Crysis 2, including Light Propagation Volumes.

Anton's recent publications are on neural rendering, neural graphics, advanced light transport, image reconstruction, and shading methods in both real-time and offline graphics.

Anton Kaplanyan, guest on Season 4, Episode 5, Building the Open Metaverse