CesiumJS Downloaded More than 1 Million Times


CesiumJS has passed the 1 million mark for total lifetime downloads. Passing that milestone means a lot to us and to the CesiumJS community.

Cesium downloads growthSince CesiumJS was released as open source in April 2012, it’s been downloaded more than 1 million times.

1 million downloads means concerted effort from more than 200 contributors

Since Cesium was released as open source in April 2012, more than 200 developers have contributed to the project. We appreciate everything the community has contributed, from features to bug fixes to documentation. Want to join the contributor community? Try out one of the “beginner” issues.

Cesium contributorsCesium contributors. The top 10 contributors, with an average of 1,618 commits between them, are shown in larger type.

1 million downloads means thousands of 3D geospatial apps

The developer community around CesiumJS has built thousands of applications with CesiumJS, in dozens of industries, from drones to history to extreme sports. They’ve visualized commercial real estate spaces, major hurricanes, yachting competitions, and the expeditions of the Mars rover.

1 million downloads means millions of lines of code

CesiumJS is one of the most extensive JavaScript libraries developed, shipping out of the box with an interactive 3D globe, star map, terrain, imagery, dynamic lighting, and interactive timeline. We’ve released updates and improvements to CesiumJS every month since CesiumJS was developed—cumulatively adding more than 9 million lines of code and removing over 7 million—as we constantly become more efficient at streaming massive amounts of data online.

Everest in Cesium, 2013Mount Everest in Cesium, 2013.

Everest in Cesium, 2020Mount Everest in Cesium, 2020.

1 million downloads means just the beginning

Cesium began with a couple of engineers at Analytical Graphics, Inc. Last year we grew into our own company and spun out with an open core business model, ensuring long-term sustainability for CesiumJS.

Cesium team, 2013Cesium developers, 2013. Left to right: Hannah Pinkos, Dan Bagnell, Patrick Cozzi, Matt Amato, and Scott Hunter.

Cesium team, 2014Working on Cesium, February 2014. When an office power outage threatened to slow development, the team headed to Kevin Ring’s basement and worked on Cesium on generator power. Around the table, left to right: Greg Beatty, Scott Hunter, The Captain, Patrick Cozzi, Richard Page, Matt Amato.

Cesium team, 2020Cesium team, 2020 … and growing!

We couldn’t have done any of it without you. Thank you for using and sharing CesiumJS, for participating in our forum, for sharing your work with us, and for the incredible apps you build. We look forward to millions more!

Cesium balloonCesium is on the up-and-up.

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