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Real-time Visualization of Airsport Flights and Competitions with LiveTrack24

The LiveTrack24 service provides real-time visualization of airsport flights and competitions. It allows anyone to use a tracking device or a phone to send information to a central server, which can then be displayed on a map, allowing others to follow their position. With LiveTrack24 services, friends and family can follow an athlete’s activities in real time during races, or when flying or training.

LiveTrack24 is available on PC, Mac, tablets, smartphones, and even older mobile phones. The app processes incoming live tracking data from apps, devices, and servers to generate real-time information, and then displays the results in various ways.

While flying, users can see in real time who is around them as well as other athletes’ status, speed, altitude, distance, and direction. The LiveTrack24 app can also be used as a simple GPS device, giving speed, altitude, and course readings. After a flight, the pilot or athlete can replay the track and analyze it with advanced tools.

LiveTrack24 also offers integral solutions for organizers to manage events and competitions, including real-time tracking, live scoreboards, and retrieval, with easy set up and quick updates via PC, smartphone, or SMS, as well as push and pull task turn points to apps and devices. Automatic news and task updates via Facebook and Twitter can attract more fans to watch a competition live. These tools also enhance the spectator experience, as they can follow the task in multiple viewing options.

LiveTrack24 initially used the Google Earth API for 3D visualizations, but it recently moved to Cesium. Once they got up to speed, the designers found Cesium to be much more efficient and fast, making it possible to display many more tracked entities with even less CPU/GPU overhead. Also, working on mobile devices was a big big plus! What impressed them the most is the well thought-out design for handling time series.