DigitalGlobe's New Cesium-Compatible Maps API


DigitalGlobe’s high resolution imagery, collected by their own satellites, covers the entire earth, with resolutions as high as 30 cm/pixel in some regions.

Recently DigitalGlobe released the Maps API product, making it easy for developers to access DigitalGlobe’s image catalog and to integrate that imagery directly into their own applications. Their announcement includes a demo.

We’ve tried out the API and it works well in Cesium. DigitalGlobe’s high quality images combined with Cesium’s terrain mapping results in a compelling base globe. Check out the images:

DigitalGlobe sells two versions of their maps. Basemap provides the most current images from local to global data, covering 150 million square kilometers of the Earth’s surface, and is frequently updated by the company’s satellites. Basemap + Vivid draws on the DigitalGlobe archives to provide consistent and complete maps, less affected by cloud coverage or haze.

Currently, DigitalGlobe Maps API content is available for development and testing through their beta program. The Maps API content is also available for purchase and licensing. Just navigate over to the DigitalGlobe Maps API website and sign up for a free beta key to get more details.

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