new Entity(id)

Entity instances are the primary data store for processed data. They are used primarily by the visualizers to create and maintain graphic primitives that represent the Entity's properties at a specific time.
Name Type Description
id String optional A unique identifier for this object. If no id is provided, a GUID is generated.


availability :TimeIntervalCollection

The availability, if any, associated with this object. If availability is undefined, it is assumed that this object's other properties will return valid data for any provided time. If availability exists, the objects other properties will only provide valid data if queried within the given interval.

billboard :BillboardGraphics

Gets or sets the billboard.

readonlydefinitionChanged :Event

Gets the event that is raised whenever a new property is assigned.

description :Property

Gets or sets the description.

ellipse :EllipseGraphics

Gets or sets the ellipse.

ellipsoid :EllipsoidGraphics

Gets or sets the ellipsoid.

id :String

Gets the unique ID associated with this object.

label :LabelGraphics

Gets or sets the label.

model :LabelGraphics

Gets or sets the model.

name :String

Gets or sets the name of the object. The name is intended for end-user consumption and does not need to be unique.

orientation :Property

Gets or sets the orientation.

parent :Entity

Gets or sets the parent object.

path :PathGraphics

Gets or sets the path.

point :PointGraphics

Gets or sets the point graphic.

polygon :PolygonGraphics

Gets or sets the polygon.

polyline :PolylineGraphics

Gets or sets the polyline.

position :PositionProperty

Gets or sets the position.

propertyNames :Event

Gets the names of all properties registed on this instance.

rectangle :RectangleGraphics

Gets or sets the rectangle.

viewFrom :Cartesian3

Gets or sets the suggested initial offset for viewing this object with the camera. The offset is defined in the east-north-up reference frame.

wall :WallGraphics

Gets or sets the wall.



Adds a property to this object. Once a property is added, it can be observed with Entity#definitionChanged and composited with CompositeEntityCollection
Name Type Description
propertyName String The name of the property to add.


Given a time, returns true if this object should have data during that time.
Name Type Description
time JulianDate The time to check availability for.
true if the object should have data during the provided time, false otherwise.


Assigns each unassigned property on this object to the value of the same property on the provided source object.
Name Type Description
source Entity The object to be merged into this object.


Removed a property previously added with addProperty.
Name Type Description
propertyName String The name of the property to remove.