new EllipsoidOutlineGeometry(options)

A description of the outline of an ellipsoid centered at the origin.
Name Type Description
options Object optional Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
radii Cartesian3 Cartesian3(1.0, 1.0, 1.0) optional The radii of the ellipsoid in the x, y, and z directions.
stackPartitions Number 10 optional The count of stacks for the ellipsoid (1 greater than the number of parallel lines).
slicePartitions Number 8 optional The count of slices for the ellipsoid (Equal to the number of radial lines).
subdivisions Number 128 optional The number of points per line, determining the granularity of the curvature .
  • DeveloperError : options.stackPartitions must be greater than or equal to one.
  • DeveloperError : options.slicePartitions must be greater than or equal to zero.
  • DeveloperError : options.subdivisions must be greater than or equal to zero.
var ellipsoid = new Cesium.EllipsoidOutlineGeometry({
  radii : new Cesium.Cartesian3(1000000.0, 500000.0, 500000.0),
  stackPartitions: 6,
  slicePartitions: 5
var geometry = Cesium.EllipsoidOutlineGeometry.createGeometry(ellipsoid);



Computes the geometric representation of an outline of an ellipsoid, including its vertices, indices, and a bounding sphere.
Name Type Description
ellipsoidGeometry EllipsoidOutlineGeometry A description of the ellipsoid outline.
The computed vertices and indices.