The NavigationHelpButton is a single button widget for displaying instructions for navigating the globe with the mouse.

Name Type Description
options Object Object with the following properties:
Name Type Default Description
container Element | String The DOM element or ID that will contain the widget.
instructionsInitiallyVisible Boolean false optional True if the navigation instructions should initially be visible; otherwise, false.
  • DeveloperError : Element with id "container" does not exist in the document.
// In HTML head, include a link to the NavigationHelpButton.css stylesheet,
// and in the body, include: <div id="navigationHelpButtonContainer"></div>

var navigationHelpButton = new Cesium.NavigationHelpButton({
    container : 'navigationHelpButtonContainer'


Gets the parent container.
Gets the view model.


Destroys the widget. Should be called if permanently removing the widget from layout.
true if the object has been destroyed, false otherwise.