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Sarah Koon



Sarah Koon is an events director with more than 15 years of experience designing, planning, and managing arts and culture events, educational programs for adults and children, professional development events and conferences, business development and networking events, social justice campaigns, fundraisers, and tech-related events for the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. 

A performer at heart with a B.A. in theater from Tennessee-based Lee University who also minored in adult education, Sarah is a creative, “outside the box” thinker who loves brainstorming unique and interactive event features. Her goal as Cesium's Events Producer is to engage diverse populations in fun-filled strategic ventures, to develop cross-functional relationships that build real-life communities, and to plan fantastic events that contribute to business development, professional development, team building, and increased visibility and participation in the Philadelphia area tech scene. 

With a background in theater and musical performance, Sarah is an extrovert who eats up public speaking opportunities and enjoys making connections and new friends. She loves all things music and performs regularly, singing and playing her original music on piano with her band. A dog person, she is often found walking around the city with her two dogs, Waffle and Zipper.

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Sarah Koon: a woman with long dark hair smiles. She is wearing a black sweater. The wall behind her is red.Sarah Koon stands in a room with strands of spherical lights, smiling.