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Sam Rothstein


Emerging Technologies

As part of our emerging technologies team, Sam is at the forefront of engaging with the Cesium developer community. He is tasked with showcasing new demos, prototyping applications, writing sample code for the community, and creating tutorials that help people use Cesium to unlock the potential of massive geospatial datasets.  

Sam graduated from Swarthmore College with a double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. He has worked as a researcher both at the Computer Graphics Lab at the University of Pennsylvania and in Computational Neuroscience at Swarthmore College. He has also explored ethical issues with the use of artificial intelligence at EthixAI, an organization dedicated to alleviating algorithmic bias in order to undo systemic racism and sexism in tech. 

Sam enjoys listening to podcasts, running, and surfing. 

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Sam RothsteinSam Rothstein