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Matt Elser


Cesium for Omniverse

Matt Elser is a Software Developer in Test on the Cesium for Omniverse squad who helps the team squash bugs early and build and deploy faster. Cesium for Omniverse brings 3D geospatial capability to NVIDIA Omniverse, enabling digital twins built with real-world 3D geospatial data and powered by NVIDIA’s 3D graphics collaboration development platform.

Matt recently graduated from Penn with a master’s degree in Computer & Information Science. While at Penn, he took the GPU Computing course (CIS 565) taught by Cesium’s Shehzan, and as a team final project Matt made a browser-based crowd simulator using the then-unreleased WebGPU API. 

Matt previously worked as a software engineer in the systems department at Pixar and as a lead render wrangler at Dreamworks. 

Matt and his wife both grew up in Philadelphia and have two moderately well behaved dogs. Matt enjoys climbing, baking, woodworking, running, embedded development, robotics … and picking up too many hobbies.

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Matt Elser poses in front of a cream-colored wall. He has dark hair and glasses. He is wearing a black button-up shirt.Matt Elser stands with his dog Penny on his back. Matt is wearing sunglasses and a hoodie. Rocks and trees are behind him.