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Jordi Torres Fabra

3D graphics

Jordi builds up our 3D tiling pipelines so users can visualize massive data in Cesium with the best possible performance. His work across Cesium’s 3D platform improves our tiling, analytics, and library of 3D content.

Massive data visualization, both native and over the web, is Jordi’s expertise. From geometry processing to rendering, from point clouds to photogrammetry models, he’s spent the last decade optimizing visualization. Before joining Cesium, Jordi has been involved in GIS, 3D, and massive data visualization across different projects for years.

Jordi earned an MSc in computer graphics and artificial intelligence at the Polytechnical University of Valencia.

Outside of work he loves family, spending time with his partner, son, and two small dogs; music, especially jazz and guitars; and exploring all things outdoors, mountains, traveling, biking, hiking, and scuba diving. Jordi also cooks an outstanding paella.

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Jordi Torres Fabra, Cesium. Jordi Torres Fabra leans toward the camera while he cooks paella.