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Eli Bogomolny

3D graphics

Eli works on 3D graphics and analytics at Cesium.

Eli’s expertise in real-time rendering and WebGL supports us in making Cesium fast, flexible, and precise. He brings his passion for graphics to supporting our work in Smart Construction and open source CesiumJS.

Eli holds a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design from the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining the Cesium team he interned with the graphics performance team at NVIDIA in Santa Clara, CA, and with the 3D team at CBRE Build in New York City, the technical group in Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, the world’s largest real estate company.

Outside of software development, Eli is secretly compiling a leaderboard of chicken over rice dishes from various food vendors and climbing his way up to the title of chess Grandmaster.

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Eli Bogomolny, 3D software developer, CesiumEli Bogomolny, 3D software developer, Cesium