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Daniel Krupka

3D graphics

Daniel Krupka works on our next generation 3D tiling pipeline, which optimizes point clouds, photogrammetry, and other 3D datasets in the 3D Tiles open format, an OGC Community Standard developed by the Cesium team. 

Daniel studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a BSE in Computer Science and an MSE in Robotics. He has special interest in applied math and mathematical computing. Prior to joining Cesium, Daniel worked on analysis pipelines for collider experiments at FermiLab, platform services and security for medical and nursing exam prep, and embedded security services for smart industrial robotics. He’s also interned at Google, where he made significant optimizations to the cluster management system. 

Outside of work you can find Daniel hiking, swimming, 3D modeling and printing, or watching bad movies.

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Daniel Krupka, CesiumDaniel Krupka hangs from a tree. A creek is in the background.