Youssef Victor

3D graphics

Youssef works on 3D graphics and rendering at Cesium.

Youssef works on 3D graphics in Cesium, bringing the latest techniques from computer games and graphics to geospatial so we can deliver beautiful visualizations with unmatched real-time performance. Youssef is passionate about rendering and has experience with rendering on all platforms, including mobile. Youssef presented at the 2020 USGIF GEOconnect Conference, where he brought home the top prize for Cesium.

Youssef earned a bachelor’s degree in Digital Media Design and a master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Pennsylvania. At Penn, Youssef was a teaching assistant for many Computer Graphics classes including GPU Programming. He has also worked with Data Science and Machine Learning techniques and brings this experience to Cesium’s 3D engine and 3D tiling pipelines.

Outside of work Youssef enjoys reading books of any genre, playing and watching soccer, as well as cooking whatever comes to mind.

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