Lisa Bos

Product Manager

Lisa guides Cesium products from concept to launch.

Lisa’s vision shapes our products, making it easy for users to access the advanced visualization and analytical capabilities of Cesium technology.

Lisa has deep experience in product management: defining features that meet expressed customer requirements while advancing a broader vision. As co-founder of a content management software and services company, she led the product team in bringing RSuite CMS to major companies including Elsevier, Harper Collins, and UnitedHealthcare.

With a strong background in both technology—designing software products and even coding—and in communications—everything from technical writing to poetry—she helps both understand and speak to Cesium’s users. Lisa connects customer needs, business strategy, and engineering to bring Cesium products to market.

Lisa has a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and a minor in philosophy from the University of Miami.

When she’s not at work, Lisa is typically gardening, baking, camping, or creating custom patterns for clothes or her kids’ cosplay costumes.

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