Bao Tran

3D graphics

Bao works on 3D graphics and rendering for Cesium.

Bao works to make Cesium fast and high performance. He contributes to CesiumJS and to our tiling pipelines.

Before joining Cesium, he worked as a co-op at Bentley Systems, where he maintained their ECSchema library in both C++ and Typescript. The library forms a major part of Bentley’s iModelJS library, a starter kit for developing web applications for infrastructure digital twins.

Bao holds a BS in Computer Science from Drexel University. While there he helped develop a website for academic advisors to manage office hours. His team also re-worked the university announcement system for sending notifications to students.

For Bao, software development is more a calling than a job. He usually spends his free time learning graphics and OpenGL or watching recorded videos from C++ conferences to hone his knowledge of the language. He enjoys experimenting with open source projects like Blender and Godot to see how they work.

Bao is passionate about finding good food, and he typically spends his weekends going out to eat with friends. They have been known to drive for two hours to other states to try out new Korean BBQ restaurants.

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