A mixin which adds default drag and drop support for CZML files to the Viewer widget. Rather than being called directly, this function is normally passed as a parameter to Viewer#extend, as shown in the example below.
// Add basic drag and drop support and pop up an alert window on error.
var viewer = new Cesium.Viewer('cesiumContainer');
viewer.dropError.addEventListener(function(viewerArg, source, error) {
    window.alert('Error processing ' + source + ':' + error);


Gets or sets a value indicating if the datasources should be clamped to the ground
Gets or sets a value indicating if existing data sources should be cleared before adding the newly dropped sources.
Gets or sets a value indicating if drag and drop support is enabled.
Gets the event that will be raised when an error is encountered during drop processing.
Gets or sets the element to serve as the drop target.
Gets or sets a value indicating if the camera should fly to the data source after it is loaded.
Gets or sets the proxy to be used for KML.