Flags to enable experimental features in CesiumJS. Stability and performance may not be optimal when these are enabled. Experimental features are subject to change without Cesium's standard deprecation policy.

Experimental features must still uphold Cesium's quality standards. Here are some guidelines:

  • Experimental features must have high unit test coverage like any other feature.
  • Experimental features are intended for large features where there is benefit of merging some of the code sooner (e.g. to avoid long-running staging branches)
  • Experimental flags should be short-lived. Make it clear in the PR what it would take to promote the feature to a regular feature.
  • To avoid cluttering the code, check the flag in as few places as possible. Ideally this would be a single place.

This feature is using part of the 3D Tiles spec that is not final and is subject to change without Cesium's standard deprecation policy.


static Cesium.ExperimentalFeatures.enableModelExperimental : Boolean

Toggles the usage of the ModelExperimental class.
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