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For the Cesium 3D Tiling Pipeline on-premises

Windows 10 or Linux

Let us know if you would like to confirm support for a specific version/distribution.

8 cores

Since the pipeline takes advantage of parallelism, additional cores can be beneficial. Note that your subscription license may limit the number of cores you are permitted to use.


Increasing memory results in better performance for many tiling operations. While some usage patterns can work well with only 16GB, we suggest at least 32GB.

Disk space

Disk requirements depend on your data. File sizes for some types of data typically become smaller after tiling; others become larger.

Some tilers require disk space for temporary files. Looks for details in the documentation for the tilers you intend to use. For example, the point cloud tiler recommends temporary space matching the size of the input point clouds.

Contact Cesium Sales or Support if you need additional assistance with your planning.

Content and code examples at are available under the Apache 2.0 license. You can use the code examples in your commercial or non-commercial applications.