Transform and Tile

Prepare your data with the hundreds of transformers available in FME Desktop. Connect geospatial output, like 3D buildings, point clouds, imagery, and photogrammetry, to Cesium ion in a graphical workflow.

Seamlessly connect to the Cesium ion platform to upload, tile, and stream open data formats for efficient 3D visualization and analysis.



Fast and Scalable

ion’s cloud-based service efficiently tiles 3D geospatial data, horizontally scales, and distributedly hosts 3D content worldwide.


Optimize Data

Optimize for streaming at any scale. ion's 3D tiling pipeline adaptively subdivides, compresses, and modifies tiles for rendering.

asset management

Asset Access

Manage fine-grained asset access using tokens in ion's visual interface.

asset management


With FME Server, run 3D tiling workflows automatically based on a schedule or triggerd by events, such as when a user uploads new data.

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