Gabby Getz Talks Construction on Very Spatial Podcast


Cesium’s Gabby Getz was the guest on the latest episode of Very Spatial, a weekly podcast dedicated to highlighting the real-world impact of geography and geospatial technology on daily life.

As the project manager and lead developer on our work with construction giant Komatsu, Gabby spoke about how Cesium and geospatial technology are transforming the construction industry.

Gabby explained the basics of Cesium and 3D Tiles before fielding questions about the rising tide of 3D data and Cesium’s work in construction.

“Komatsu has been working really hard to build up data collection via drones or UAVs and also from the construction machines themselves. Those machines are equipped with sensors and GPS so that you can collect data from them in near-real time. You can track a machine’s location, but through sensors on let’s say, the blade of a bulldozer, you can also get things like height data for what the machine is doing as it drives around the jobsite. Working with Komatsu, we are using our platform to put all the data together into one place. Then we optimize it and stream it so that users can get an almost real-time view, in 3D, of what their jobsite looks like. They can use that to make decisions and see how much progress they’ve made and how much is left to go.”

Gabby Getz is the lead developer for Cesium’s construction efforts.

Construction is extremely difficult to monitor, but the Smart Construction Dashboard enables customers to manage their sites and make real-time decisions remotely through every step of the process, from preparing the site to the actual build. It not only makes the sites safer, but also more efficient.

“All of this goes back to sharing data and making it easily accessible. People need to be able to stream it from anywhere. They might be on a remote jobsite with only a hotspot to stream data or they might be the project manager back at the office. They might be a subcontractor or someone supplying material. They all need to be able to easily understand what’s going on, and that’s what our project –the Smart Construction Dashboard, is allowing them to do.”

Listen to the podcast for a deeper dive on Cesium and Construction, or click here to learn more about our work in the industry.

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