Sam Suhag Joins the Cesium Development Team


I’m happy to announce that Sam Suhag has joined the Cesium team! Sam has moved from Indiana to Philadelphia to work with us on CesiumJS and next-generation 3D Tiles.

We first met Sam through the forum, where his insightful questions and answers caught our eye. At the time he was working on FlightProfiler, a 3D weather visualization system built in CesiumJS to help pilots avoid adverse weather conditions. (Sam understands flying firsthand: he’s also pursuing his private helicopter pilot’s license!)

FlightProfiler, an FAA-funded research project, is a large scale, real time weather visualization made possible using 3D Tiles. Now Sam can bring his experience working with 3D Tiles into making our tilers even more powerful, versatile, and user friendly. We’re happy to welcome a member of the Cesium community to the development team.

Welcome, Sam!

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