Teamwork ❤: Partnering with Spatial Networks and Vricon


We’ve officially teamed up with our friends at Spatial Networks and again with Vricon to visualize massive amounts of high-fidelity data in context - in some of the least accessible places of the world.

Spatial Networks has granular, street-level data collected from on the ground surveys around the world - often of places impacted by war and other conflicts and humanitarian crises. Vricon creates highly accurate 3D digital surface models by applying computer vision and machine learning algorithms to satellite imagery.

Using Cesium they can fuse this data together and see Spatial Networks data combined with Vricon’s 3D imagery, all streamed in an interactive, navigable 3D city. This provides deeper context to both data sets and makes them as easy to share as sending a link.

We’re building Cesium to unlock the potential of real world 3D data - and this three way partnership is the perfect example of why this matters.

From Spatial Networks:

“A lot of organizations rely heavily on Cesium, and leveraging their platform to fuse and visualize Vricon’s 3D geodata with the ground-truth information we provide delivers an even richer understanding of an environment,” said Brian Monheiser, Chief Revenue Officer at Spatial Networks. “Cesium provides the best tool for visualizing our two data sources and does so in a well-known and widely used platform,” he continued. “We have only scratched the surface of what we can do with our combined technologies.”

From Vricon:

“The partnership with Cesium and Spatial Networks is a natural fit for our users,” adds Magnus Brege, CEO of Vricon. “Spatial Networks’ information deeply enriches our 3D foundation with human scale ground truth and focused attribution. Cesium provides the scalable platform necessary for our users to visualize, analyze, and consume the fused 3D content. This three-way partnership opens doors to many new possibilities and applications for all our customers.”

Interested in using any of these data sets in Cesium? Drop us a line.

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