Eikland Energy AS Offers Insights to the Energy Industry with Cesium


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EiklandEnergyEikland Energy AS

Eikland Energy AS provides research and analysis for the energy industry, including global liquefied natural gas (LNG) flow tracking and site monitoring. Their iGIS/LNG product, which uses CesiumJS, combines data from many sources to offer forecast, scheduling, and planning insights.

Kjell Eikland cites Cesium’s monthly updates for bringing added capabilities and performance improvements to iGIS/LNG:

Cesium has been invaluable in giving Eikland Energy a wide avenue for providing radical new features to iGIS/LNG while continuously improving performance with every release. What started as a potentially risky alternative to Google, after Google announced its intention to no longer support widely used mapping platforms, the natural and easy integration of Cesium into a full three-tier web-based business application has made it possible to add ‘impossible’ features to the rearchitected iGIS/LNG. The impressive Cesium team has consistently delivered on its strong vision, and is now taking the platform into exciting new domains.

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