Princeton University Brings Historical Context to International Crises with Cesium


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Digital Interactive Regional Mapping and Information System, developed at the Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination at Princeton University, fuses historical and contemporary geopolitical data to help researchers and policy makers visually analyze international crises.

DIRMAIS benefits from Cesium’s versatility, making it possible to visualize and layer many data types from a wide range of sources. The developers said of working with Cesium:

We’ve been impressed with Cesium’s ability to accurately scale and visualize a sweeping range of historical map types, styles, and datums. No matter what we’ve thrown at it—whether seventeenth-century maps of Azerbaijan or 1940s Soviet maps of the Baltic—Cesium faithfully reproduces it for us in both two- and three-dimensions. Cesium has become an instrumental part of our geospatial research and analytical capabilities.

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