Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions Built on Cesium


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Eruptions, Earthquakes, and EmissionsEruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions

The Smithsonian’s Eruptions, Earthquakes & Emissions app offers a time-lapse animation of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes since 1960, as well as sulfur dioxide emissions from volcanoes since they began to be monitored.

Axis Maps, which developed the app, chose Cesium because of its ability to efficiently render and animate massive amounts of data. They explained:

A key technical challenge in this map was the smooth, fast display and animation of hundreds of thousands of points. To that end, we built using the Cesium JavaScript library, which leverages WebGL technology and includes a 3D globe mode. This was far more efficient at rendering so many objects on screen than typical canvas or SVG elements, allowing us to create an animated map that is both dazzling and richly interactive.

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