MetSafe SWIM 3D Built on Cesium


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MetSafe SWIM 3DMetSafe SWIM 3D

MetSafe creates tailored meteorological webservices for the aeronautical community. Their MetSafe SWIM 3D offers 4D visualization of weather, environment, and aeronautical data from System Wide Information Management (SWIM) APIs.

MetSafe is using Cesium for time-dynamic visualization. They appreciate the speed and flexibility of developing with Cesium. They said:

Beyond UX (User Experience), we are focused on providing a smooth DX (Developer Experience) as we believe developers are human too. To adopt the customer perspective and to showcase our services, we build tools to access our API and visualize our own data. At first, we started to work in 2D with OpenLayers, but as most of our data is in 3D or even 4D, we quickly wanted to explore them with depth in time and altitude.

That’s where CesiumJS comes into play. CesiumJS is the perfect tool for aviation and meteorological operations because it’s built for 4D. It makes it possible for us to build Proof of Concept in a matter of days—a record time in the aviation business.

CesiumJS integrates widgets and tools out of the box so that we obtain visual results for our customers in no time. What’s even better yet is that all that parts are open and customizable. We use clock, terrain, and events API to fit our needs.

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