HTML Telemetry Overlay Using Cesium


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HTML Telemetry OverlayHTML Telemetry Overlay

HTML Telemetry Overlay was developed as a private project by Lu Wang to visualize the telemetry data from GoPro video logs of paragliding flights. Lu says he chose Cesium for its 3D map capabilities:

Before starting this project I surveyed different solutions of telemetry visualization. There are many of them, e.g., DashWare. All of them include nice and customizable gauges, but none are able to show a 3D map, which is essential for analyzing paragliding videos. Further searches led me to Cesium, which turned out to be a perfect solution for my use case.

I found Cesium very easy to use, it was very simple to make it work and blend into the my visual design. In particular, it works very well with the swisstopo data, which makes the 3D map almost as vivid as a third person camera.

HTML Telemetry Overlay highlights Cesium’s high accuracy and precision. Lu explains how happy he was to see the 3D models match the simultaneous video:

I also spent a lot of time processing the telemetry data, especially computing the approximated wing attitude. The process was much easier than I expected, thanks to the handy functions from Cesium for geometry and 3D models. It was really a magical moment when I saw that the wing moves naturally … and the shadow of my wing in the video matches that in the 3D map.

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