Cesium Version 1.30 Released


We are happy to announce the release of Cesium 1.30. Highlights include

  • The new sampleTerrainMostDetailed function can be used to sample the terrain height using the highest level of detail available at each position.
  • A fix for transparent parts of billboards, labels, and points, so they no longer overwrite parts of the scene behind them.
  • Added support for custom geocoder services and autocomplete to the Geocoder widget.
  • Added ability to draw an ImageryLayer with a splitter to allow layers to only display to the left or right of a splitter. See this Sandcastle example.

For the full list of changes, see the change log.


This has been a very exciting month for Cesium!

  • Cesium’s future is now even stronger thanks to the new Cesium Consortium, launched with AGI and Bentley Systems as founding members. The Consortium will accelerate open-source Cesium development and support long-term open-source Cesium sustainability as the two companies collaborate on all things Cesium, including the Cesium roadmap, code sprints, and outreach such as conferences and social media. Read more about the Cesium Consortium in our blog post and the press release.

  • We’ve begun sending beta invites for cesium.com, AGI’s latest addition to the Cesium ecosystem, with a new web application and associated REST API. Read Matt Amato’s post about the new site, including Cesium Composer, the online authoring tool that allows you to build Cesium-based 3D maps without writing any code.

  • We’ve welcomed three new members to the Cesium development team: Austin Eng, Shehzan Mohammed, and Rachel Hwang. Gary Li, a former intern, also joined the team in a full-time role.

  • Serge Silaev published a guest post on the Cesium blog about his GWT wrapper, a Java application for developing with Cesium using Google Web Toolkit (GWT) 2.8.0 and JsInterop.

  • OpenData NYC took note of the Cesium 3D Tiles demo for NYC.


  • Khronos is hosting a webinar on glTF on February 14. Learn about the 3D model format used in Cesium.


We have a new showcase up on our demos page.

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