Cesium Bug Bash


To make progress on bugs of interest to the community and to help ramp up our new teammates, we are organizing a Winter Bug Bash on February 8–10. Once again, our partners at Bentley Systems will be hosting the AGI Cesium team.

We need your help identifying bugs that are most important to you! You can help by

  • Adding a comment to issue #4897 with links to the bugs - and even small features - most important to you.
  • Reviewing issues labeled ‘priority’, and adding a comment with more details, especially if you have sample code or a dataset to reproduce an issue, or have already narrowed down the problem yourself. Have lots of time? Do the same for all the issues.
  • Participate! This is a great time to make your first code or doc contribution or open a pull request for a bigger change since the core team will be heavily focused on reviewing and merging pull requests.

Keep contributing! We are dedicated to making Cesium a great product for all its users and really value your feedback. The more we hear from you, the more we’ll be to keep growing and polishing Cesium.

Thanks for your input and support as always!

bentley-training-room The Cesium team at the very successful Bug Bash last fall

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