Upcoming Winter Code Sprint


Next week, the Cesium team will be going to the Pocono Mountains for our annual Winter Code Sprint. We like to organize two trips per year where can dedicate time to working on intensive projects and collaborating on things we might not get a chance to in our normal day to day. We have some exciting projects planned!

Sean and Dan are expecting to make some improvements to 3D Tiles and finish up adding support for model coloring and model outlining. Erik is going to start out by generalizing the geocoder to allow support for more geocoder APIs such as OSM Nominatim. My plan is to implement a trapezoid geometry primitive which will allow us to add KML LatLonQuad support, something frequently requested on the forum. And finally Patrick will improve our contributor documentation as well as help review pull requests as they come in.

If there’s a particular issue or feature you’d like us to consider, just comment on it in the Cesium GitHub repo. If you are thinking of contributing, the code sprint is also a great time to open a pull request since the entire team will be active in the repo. Check out the beginner issues if you are just getting started.

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